The largest and newest BRC crusher, with a capacity of 1000-1500 tonnes per hour, is at the Vondelingenplaat in Rotterdam. In addition, BRC also has sites for recycling C&DW in Heerenveen, Heerhugowaard, Zaandam and Amsterdam.

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High-quality products from mineral construction and demolition waste
Every year, the Netherlands creates approx. 25 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste (C&DW). C&DW is therefore one of the largest waste flows in the Netherlands. It consists of over 90% mineral material such as concrete (40%), brickwork (25%) and Asphalt (26%).

As one of the largest processors of mineral C&DW in the Netherlands, BRC has various sites where the fixed or mobile crushers recycle the mineral C&DW into a high-quality granulates.