Our objective is to clean mineral construction and demolition waste and tar Asphalt in an environmentally responsible way and to recycle it into high-quality aggregates for use in the concrete industry, road construction and Asphalt industry.

BRC's policy is geared towards achieving optimum efficiency within its companies, combined with effective national logistics coverage. For this purpose, the BRC group now has 5 locations throughout the Netherlands.

Thanks to its wide range of factories, crushers, trucks, excavators and earth-moving machines, BRC can satisfy virtually all its clients' requests.

BRC also supplies the best-quality products possible at the best possible price. BRC currently has 5 locations where you can dump mineral construction and demolition waste as well as tar Asphalt in Zaandam, Heerhugowaard, Heerenveen, Vondelingenplaat Rt. and Amsterdam.